Case Study: Dive Right in Scuba

The Client

Dive Right in Scuba is a SCUBA diving equipment retailer with both an online presence and a brick and mortar location in Plainfield, Illinois. In business since 2006, they have established a reputation as a trusted source for equipment, repair, and training.


Dive Right in Scuba was in need of an active blog to share information on the sport of SCUBA diving. Their desire was to position themselves as a thought leader in the industry. Additionally, the company sought to increase sales revenues from email marketing and social media.


The first task to be approached was to establish the blog. WordPress was chosen for the platform as it’s known for user friendliness, SEO functionality, and ability to create multiple writer accounts and segmentation of topics. We built a blog site that accurately conveyed the company’s brand and vision, and linked it into their main website. Additionally, we set up social sharing and RSS functionality. For an ongoing strategy, we set out to produce roughly one post per week based on information that the buyer persona wanted to know.

For email marketing, a program was setup to send out two weekly newsletters containing educational information in a multimodal format. This consisted of applicable blog postings, video tutorials, and visual information. This was supplemented by product listings that supported the educational resources, along with shop specials and sales. Additionally, we set up triggered emails through the CRM to support the buyer’s journey.

When it came to social media, the company already maintained an active and robust presence on Facebook. We took that active following and ran with it by adding Twitter and Instagram to their strategy. Once all of the proper social channels were researched and established, a content posting strategy was put into place.


The establishment and nurturing of an active blog provided the company with not only a reputation for thought leadership that they sought, but also a steady stream of relevant content to share on email, social, and to directly support their sales efforts.

The email marketing program resulted in a 25% increase in channel conversions.

The social media program resulted in a net increase of 20% in followers and engagement.

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