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Psychological Time and the Consumer

I’m sure we’ve all had a conversation go like this: “Hey Sally, how have you been?” “I’m so busy, sorry I haven’t called” Was Sally really too busy to call or did her life just seem that busy? How often are we really unable to take 5 minutes out of our month, year,...

A Spring Morning and a Brand Crisis

The brand crisis “One dead after Southwest plane engine blows; woman nearly sucked out(AP, 2018)” This was the headline that came out from the Associated Press on the morning of April 17, 2018. As the story unfolded, it became clear that a Southwest Airlines 737 had a...

Marketing Audience Insight: The Outdoor Native

We all have that friend, or perhaps we’re that person. You know the one, they’re always pestering you to go hiking at 6am on a weekend when you would rather sleep in and drink coffee in a comfortable chair. If you have this friend, or happen to be that person, you...

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