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Generational Cohorts in the Craft Beer Market

Introduction To quote Ladner; “Ethnographers cannot offer what their quantitative colleagues can: prediction of what will happen(2014)”. It is the unpredictability of ethnography that gives us the deep understanding of the cohorts that we observe. This allows us as...

New Podcast Episode Dropping Soon

On our next episode of the Marketing Chops for Mom and Pops Podcast we will have special guest Matt Carroll of Big Big Story. We will be chatting about storytelling for your brand and how to reach your audience with message that resonates. 

Qualitative Market Research: Mystery Shopping

Introduction Everyday of our lives we are exposed to stimulus that affects how we go about our day to day. Quite often, very little conscious thought is given to this stimuli. For example, one day you may go into Moe’s for lunch and Chipotle the next without giving...

Online Identity Construction-An Analysis

Introduction In this paper, we will be analyzing the article entitled “”Online identity construction: How gamers redefine their identity in experiential communities. In our analysis, we will take a look at a few of the theories of consumer behavior brought up in the...

Market Research: Why Is It Important To Marketers?

Introduction As marketers, it's rather clear that there are a number of steps that need to be taken “behind the scenes” before a marketing communications campaign sees the light of day. Many of these often behind the scenes steps involve market research. After all, we...

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